MDRC’s strengths come from our investment in strategic research. Each year MDRC group commissions strategic research into the key issues impacting on the world’s wealth markets to stay relevant to our clients and bring them unparalleled thinking and advice. The MIDAS model developed by MDRC gives a comprehensive analysis of individual wealth in 28 countries of the EU.

The 6 million data items covering demographic and behavioural analysis, portfolio composition and sources and uses of wealth, allows MDRC and our clients to build an accurate view of market and segment sizes, current client needs and future market trends.

MDRC’s proprietary research base of HNW individuals in countries across the EU allows rapid and accurate testing of most business hypotheses at minimal cost.


MDRC does not believe in standard industry answers, but we do believe in providing value. We know that each organisation is different and that only specific and focused solutions give our clients a competitive advantage. The foundation for building a more competitive and robust business is to understand the strengths and weaknesses of that business and those of its competitors; when this is carried out with a structured methodology we call this a “Position Assessment”.

We develop new insights about the business and the market, assist the business to act and drive tangible results, and become more capable.