Understanding & Measuring Client Satisfaction

Retaining existing clients more important than recruiting new ones, yet many firms allocate less resource to establishing client satisfaction than to corporate entertainment. MDRC works extensively with business managers, primarily in the financial services sector, to identify issues of concern to existing clients and to establish ways of ensuring that these issues are managed.

MDRC has worked with many of Europe's major wealth managers on measuring client satisfaction and identifying areas in the product range, or elements of service delivery that no longer meet clients' expectations. Independently, MDRC gathers data from individuals on the performance of firms operating in retail financial services. From this data MDRC is able to benchmark the performance of individual firms and their peer groups.

Understanding client satisfaction is a key management tool for any business, but it can be a complex, time consuming and expensive exercise. MDRC has built a number of advanced analytical tools and processes that reduce the cost of client satisfaction research.